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FMSG Day Seminar: “Craft and society in the first millennia”

This year’s seminar will consider the role of craft processes in the societies of Scotland and beyond over the first millennia. While this is an existing research focus for some materials and periods (for instance, metal production in the late Bronze Age and the early medieval period), we seek a broader view. The focus is not on the practicalities of technology, but the social role of craftwork. What were the social conditions which enabled or required particular craft processes? How were these organised? Who were the craftworkers and what was their social role? What were the relationships between different craft skills? What are the key variations over space and time? Did craft skills have a ritual or symbolic role as well as a practical one? A range of speakers will use case studies from across Scotland and beyond to consider some of these issues.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday the 25th June 2013 from 0930-1730 in the Meadows Lecture Theatre. Please note the change of date from previously published.

The FMSG day seminar 2013 flyer and the fullFMSG Day Seminar 2013 programme for the day are available to download here.

If you wish to attend please e-mail (Roderick.McCullagh [at] scotland [dot]gsi[dot]gov[dot]uk) to book your place. Space is limited, so please make sure you have registered your attendance.