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Next lecture: Warrior Graves? Rethinking the weapon burial rite

The next lecture in the 2016 – 2017 seminar series will be on the 1st November. The ‘Warrior Graves? Rethinking the weapon burial rite in Viking Britain and Ireland‘ will be presented by Stephen Harrison of the University of Glasgow.

As usual, the lectures will be at 6:0pm in the Meadows Lecture Theatre in the Archaeology Department, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Edinburgh.



The website is back for 2016 and beyond!

Dear Readers,

The FMSG website is back out of hibernation! This website was started for the reasons explained in this post, but now, in 2016, the time is right to reanimate it.

The FMSG lecture programme remains elusive for most, and with the various webpages that the University of Edinburgh create for it moving, being out of date or being taken down faster than you can bookmark them, the plan is to keep this one up to date and current.


The current state of

The lecture programme will be updated from now (October 2017) until at least March 2019, and hopefully longer. Each new lecture will be announced as speakers are confirmed, and added to the events calendar.

Many thanks.