First Millennia Studies Group Day Seminar: Further Details

Here are some more details on our upcoming day seminar, which will take place on Tuesday 19 June 2018 in the Meadows Lecture Theatre, University of Edinburgh.

9.00 Coffee/bookstalls
9.30 Introduction
9.40 Gender Identities: Devising a methodology: Eleanor de Spretter and Rachel Pope
10.10 Wives and warriors: archaeology and pop culture representations of ancient Scotland: Adrián Maldonado
10.40 Coffee/bookstalls
11.20 Knapton Wold burial: Catherine Jones and Emma Tollefsen
11.50 Wider connections? Women, mobility and power in Iron Age East Yorkshire: Mel Giles & Pedro Piexoto
12.40 Lunch/bookstalls
13.50 Images of Masculinity: Examining Gender Norms in Illustrations: Natalia Bain
14.05 Commemoration in early medieval Scotland: barrow and cairn monuments and their female inhabitants:
Juliette Mitchell
14.20 Whose Shoes? ‘Sexing’ Footwear from Roman Forts: Charlotte Douglas
14.35 Displaying Gender in the Late Iron Age and Roman Period: Melanie Bruhn
15.10 Coffee/bookstalls
15.50 Warriors and Womenfolk? Gender, Burial and Power in Early Viking Age Scotland: Stephen Harrison
16.35 Humans of Prehistory: Deconstructing a gendered gaze: Ann MacSween and Emily Killgore
16.50 Mary Macleod: Discussant/Discussion
18.00 Reception in the Macmillan Room

Attendance is free but please book your place to avoid disappointment:-
e-mail: (label your e-mail FMSG 18)

FMSG Gender_Identity_2018


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