Previous Lectures

2012 -2013 series

  • October 2nd – Tessa Poller – Excavations SERF hillfort programme: an interim view
  • November 6th – Roman round up – Martin Cook: Camelon, Geoff Bailey: Antonine Wall, Dave Cowley: SW Scotland
  • December 4th – Alice Blackwell and Martin Goldberg – Early Medieval Silver
  • January 8th – Graeme Cavers, Andy Heald and John Barber – First Millennia Settlement Landscapes: recent investigations in Caithness
  • February 5th – Unit round up – Jennifer Proctor: Needles Eye enclosure at Berwick, Ross Murray: North Kessock, Rob Engl: Beechwood
  • March 5th – Elizabeth Schech and Martina Bertini – Glass Beads
  • April 2nd – Early Medieval Round up – Ronan Toolis and Chris Bowles: The Galloway Picts Project and the excavation of Trusty’s Hill, Dave Sneddon: Glenshee excavations
  • May 7th – David Clarke – The contexts of sculptured stones
  • June 4th – Day Seminar – Topic & Title to be confirmed

2011-2012 series

  • 6th March    Martin Carver – Pitcarmick in context
  • 3rd April   Dawn Gooney – Human Remains from the Knowe of Skea, Westray in the Orkney Islands
  • 1st May    AOC/CFA – Recent work at Inveresk
  • 5th June Day seminar – details to be announced

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